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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Studs again! - Swarovskijeans

So I have been on etsy and I found this store ( that customizes jeans and shoes and thought I'de share with you what ive found ;) studs, chains, designer, heels, jeans, robot items. Pretty cool

Now I've saw people crystalising converse, but Ive never saw anybody stud them? looks pretty good huh?!

These are... Weird.. BUT I LOVE THEM! thyr'e just so cool! I think they'd be perfect for a festival or to a catwalk show :)

 How cool are these?! I have never saw anything like them!

Now I'm a skinny jean gir, but the studs on but of these jeans are amazing! the pocket is hanging down for that 'peek-a-boo' look and I just think theyr'e cool.. just saying :)

These are some of my favourite items in the shop, I think they're so unique and are great buys! They gfo with the current trends of studs, and are perfect for the festival season! So if you want to wear something different, and are definatly worth it! :)

Please comment - What do you think of these products? would you buy and wear them? whats your favourite item? Get on over to ,please tweet and share this shop and page with your friends! Follow/join this blog and follow me on Twitter - @sammigirl1994 :) And if you love a good competition check out my giveaway of a pack of strawberry curls! (a few posts down)

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