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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Virgin America collabs with Banana Republic for new uniforms

Banana Republic‘s next collaboration is taking fashion to new heights–35,000 feet in the air to be exact–thanks to a new partnership with Virgin America.

Banana Republic has designed uniforms for the airline’s 2,000 airport teammates, pilots and in-flight teammates. According to the press release, the uniforms, which will debut on Virgin America flights and at airports nationwide on August 8, 2012, will reference the airline’s colors, and will offer a fresh and modern twist on classic aviation looks. It took Virgin America 18 months to come up with the new look. Attendants and executives had Project Runway-type sessions before settling on the winning design.

“In creating the uniform designs for Virgin America, we wanted to respect the heritage of in-flight uniform design while injecting a modern twist that’s both functional and fashionable,” Banana Republic’s Creative Director and Executive Vice President, Simon Kneen said. “We referenced the time when onboard style and sophistication was of utmost importance and designed a modern interpretation that incorporates aviation details and celebrates Virgin America’s signature style.”
The designers also wanted to take into account the opinions of the people who would eventually be wearing the uniforms. “A critical part of the initial design process was when our Banana Republic design team spoke with Virgin America flight crew members to get an inside look at what they truly wanted for the uniforms they would be wearing every day,”

The result are outfits that while being sleek and contemporary, also have a retro, timeless quality to them, harkening back to the 50s and 60s–an aesthetic that has become somewhat of a niche for Banana Republic.

And, for those of you who want to get some of this fashion into your wardrobe but have yet to get your pilot’s license, Virgin America and Banana Republic will be selling select items to the general public for a limited time! Starting August 7, Virgin America customers will be able to choose from a selection of Banana Republic’s travel essentials inspired by the new uniforms–including aviator sunglasses, trenches for men and women, a leather tote and men’s messenger bag–and will be able to purchase in-flight with the click of a button on the airline’s entertainment system.
Lest we forget, this isn’t the first time that Banana Republic and Virgin America have gotten into bed together: The two companies partnered to stage the first live-tweeted in-flight fashion show this past February, and in 2010, they collaborated on in-flight makeovers.

Heres some pictures of the  new uniforms:

 I love the new uniforms... Although I do think that the plain will be more of a runway! I guess its about taking fashion to new heights, and this makeover has definetly done that! What do you think?!

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