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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Alton Towers on Monday..

So on Monday we went to Alton Towers with college, and originally I was really looking forward to it. We had to get to college for 8:30am and leave on the coach at 9am. That didn't bother me as I have to get up for college every day anyway. On the way to college one of my friends text me saying shes now not going on the trip because she don't like big rides... I just thought, what a goon. She could have decided before, I mean we all had to pay in advance!

So on the coach, it was soo boring! I hate sitting still for long times. Even when I'm in class, I'm sat there swirling around on the computer chairs, listening to music and If I get a little to into the music I almost forget about my work and sat there doing a little dance. At lunch, my friends just want to sit down and I want to go walk around town. What I don't get though, is that some people say they are 'mature', no your just boring. Some of my friends are just like me, and were a little crazy :P

so we was on the coach and I found myself keep asking my friends who have been before, 'are we there yet?' 'are we nearly there now?' 'what about now?' ... Gosh I must be annoying! when we finally got there, we went to the toilets and walked straight back out, Ohhh my, it proper stunk of cow diarrhea or something foal like that, and everyone was walking in and straight back out. Ew

We really wanted to go on The Smiler, but when we got there it said there was a three and a half hour queue, we only had five hours there with college so we just decided to go on the rides with shorter queues. My friends wanted to go on the water rides... I;m really not to keen on these but hey! I went on them anyway, and I really didn't enjoy it ahaa :p
As I promised over on my twitter - @sammigirl1994 because I didn't get to blog this on the day, I'd show you a really stupid photo. Basically, I was sat in the boat all fine and that but as soon as it went down the slope about to get drenched; I almost jumped out of it, I flew forwards, arms out and nearly jumped. I didn't even mean to do it! It was like a reflex :o
Oh and I have blurred the other faces out as I didn't think I'd be fair haha
You see what I mean?! (Im third from the front) My bum wasn't even on the seat... I was refusing to get dirty on that ride! I don't even usually mind, I don't no what went on! :DD

Look how brown the water is on this! We went on the rapid things and it was okay, I suppose. But it turned backwards and all water flew in down my back! :(

There were Alton Towers staff giving out bags of Krave cereal near the sonic spinball ride, we didn't see them or I would have walked past them lots of times pretending to be different people to get lots of bags! :D
We got to go on quite a few rides like the log flumes, water rapids, Hex, Duel, Skyrides, and a few others, so we didn't really get to go on much but it didn't matter, it was a good day out. 

This is right at the end of the trip. We was told we had to be at the gate bit by 3:45pm. I know it's pretty early, but everyone had to get home from college, some were going on trains and that. My friends and I got there a tidgy bit early, I was going to get some chocolate and strawberry's but the chocolate fountain was chocolateless! No chocolate?! D: 

It's suprizing you know how many people don't like birds and ducks, or are 'scared' of them. They are all from towns so I guess they don't have as many? But whenever the ducks went near them they jumped around like goofs, I'm from the countryside so I love animals :) This guy pecked the teachers butt too! :o

The teachers came and met us at the gate and walked us back to the coach, although not all the class was there yet. We all expected to be there for 10 minutes max, but it turned out about 3/4 of the girls was and hour and 45 minutes late! And they only came back then because one of the teachers went back into Alton Towers to go and look for them. It proper spoilt the day, I got back really late, its over an hour and a half drive back to college too, so yeah :/

We got back pretty late, I had my dinner and pretty much went straight to bed ready for college the next day. So I didn't get to blog that day, but I've showed you a stupid photo to say sorry! :)

The knee length dungarees I'm wearing are from the kids section in Newlook
and the shoes that are similar to the Vans are just from Primark. 

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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