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Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Popband review

So the other day I got hope from college and a parcel was waiting for me. My mum had put it on the table, and when I see a parcel that looks like this, it's pretty exciting!
(The center sticker had my address on which I have taken off)
It is a bright pink shiny parcel envelope and I had no idea what it was as I've got quite a few collaborations coming in. 

The parcel was from Popband! :)
And this is what was inside, a multipack and a twin pack which I will gives the links to later.
Popband claim to have a product which won't snag your hair as some hair bands do, they claim that when you remove the band there won't be kinks left on your hair where the band has been - which is always really annoying! I have been in catwalks before where I have had to have my hair up, and I'm conscious when taking it down as I'm in public. It looks stupid with kinks in your hair. They also claim that popbands wont slip or rip out of your hair.

This is a twin set which is called the silver fox. It has a hair band with a cute crystal bead on to add a little detail. It also has a head band in the same colour so you could wear them together. This set costs £6 and you can get it here.
(and a sneaky peak of the nail tutorial I will be posting, shhh)

The pink, yellow and purple and mint bands are from the 'pop' multipack which is also £6, you get 5 bands in this pack. All of the bands when not in your hair can be worn on the wrist as a bracelet or just to add some colour to an outfit. You can get the pop multipack here

Now, because the popband 'claims' to not leave any dents/kinks or snag the hair, I decided to put it to the test. I wasn't going easy on this product because they have such certain claims that I thought, well they have got to be true if they emphasize this point so much.

I put my hair up in a high ponytail using the yellow band from the pop multipack. I wore this band for the whole day to see what the results were. It didn't slip out of my hair, which a lot of bands do due to me having thin, straight hair. I also tried sleeping with my hair up in this band, and beside having my head messy (as all bands leave hair messy during sleep), the band remained in place. When I took the band out this is the result...

(Trying to take a photo of the back of my head was pretty hard) The band came out easily without snagging any of my hair, and it left no dents/kinks in the hair!
This product is a must have! Popband have loads of different styles you can get, and I reccomend you do, I'll be taking these on holiday so I can tie my hair up and not bother about kinks, I will have one of these on my wrist daily so I can tie my hair on when on the computers at college too.

I'm going to go now and get my dinner, let me know what you think of the popbands! Do you like the colours? Do kinks in your hair annoy you that normal hair bands leave you with? Let me know :)

here is popbands twitter - popband

Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. I love Popbands, they are addictive!!


    1. definitely, it's like you want one of every colour! :)

  2. I got sent some of these to review as well, and I have used one every day. I've even got one on my wrist right now. They're great.

    1. They are really nice aren't they! I love them because they don't leave kinks, what is your blog called? join my blog and i'll join yours? :)


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