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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Beauty Formulas Face masks review

So the other day when I was at college I went up town and had a little look around the shops. I came across some face masks in Boyes and they are made by Beauty Formulas. One of them is a peel off one and the other is a clay mask.

I love anything that smells sweet, the peel off mask is apricot scented which is the one I am going to review now.

I have very sensitive skin so I do have to be quite careful; with products I use on my face. But saying that, I am always open to trying something new, unless they have a sensitive option then I'd rather go with that. I can be allergic to things such as E45! And that is for sensitive skin.. But I love trying new products, it doesn't put me off.

So, to apply this face mask I used the face mask applicator I have from a previous buy. The peel off mask is very sticky so you should definitely tie your hair back and grip your fringe out the way too. Spread it fairly thinly all over your face - if you spread it too thick then it won't dry and it's then pretty hard to get off when its wet, believe me! After you have spreaded the mask all over your face and a little under your chin you should wait for it to dry completely. When it is wet your skin will be shiny  like this below.

Resist the urge to touch, poke or try and re-spread the mask when it is wet, you will just mess it all up. The mask took about 10 minutes to dry for me, and as I've said before I hate sitting still I found it pretty boring waiting for this to dry. I ended up dancing around my room to a bit of Jedward, Iggy and Nicki Minaj, looking like a duck on ice. My face started to feel really tight so I knew it was dry. If you look in the mirror, when it's dry it shouldn't shine either, and it dries clear.

The mask peels off really easily, just start from a corner and peel inwards. On the picture the mask is ripping as it's coming off as I'm only using one hand and holding the camera with the other (another reason why I need to get a new camera and a tripod) Although the mask comes off really easily, when I was pulling the mask off, it felt like there were spiders on my face. It was the first time I had tried a peel face mask so I didn't no what to expect. 

It's important for me to keep my skin as calm as possible, I mean I can't turn up to a catwalk or photo shoot with a spotty, red or rashy  face. I always look for products that could be suitable, I've got loads that work and don't work for me and I will be sharing them with you on here. So if you have sensitive skin too, or you're just looking for some nice skin products, keep an eye out. :)

The face mask pulled teeny pieces of dry skin, unclogged pores and left my skin super soft. It's a product I would definitely recommend, I bought it for a pound from Boyes, but they cost a little more on their website. They have lot's of products to choose from, this hasn't caused me any problems with my  skin, no rashes, spots or anything.

Have you tried this face mask? What face products do you use? Let me know :)
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