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Friday, 7 June 2013

Nothing to do with fashion... Its about birds! 0.o

I know this has nothing to do with fashion, celebs, beauty, nails or anything but I thought I'd share this with you.
So on Wednesday when I was at college, I was reading the unofficial biography of Harry Styles in my dads van before going to college. My dad asked me if I could carry some tools up the stairs in one of the old buildings and I went off to help out. When I was going up the stairs, there was a pigeon just as the top of the stairs looking scared to death - there's holes in the floors, and the builders were using powers tools (not safe in there). I took the tools past it and when I came back it was still there and so I picked it up.

I know people say they can have diseases and stuff like that but it had a tag on it's leg so I knew it belonged to somebody. It wasn't safe for it in the buildings, and there definitely arnt any fields or anything near there in that town. Besides the people there when the coach drove past my village on the Alton Towers trip, they were like 'LOOK COWS!' and I was just like yeahhh.. cows, no biggie?

I had over an hour to wait until college started at 9am so I took the bird off and sat with it in my dads van. I love animals, I've always wanted to help out at some animal rescue centers or something like that.

I put some paper in the tray thing in the van and put the bird there, stoked his head and he went straight to sleep. I think it must have flew a very long way! Racing/homing birds do right?
I gave it a little water before it went to sleep to. And as you can see, out there looks a bit dangerous for a bird that won't fly.

How cute is it?! ahaa you might not like birds or pigeons but I do :)
When it was time for me to go to college, I tried to place it somewhere safe outside (considering its a building site) where it could rest a little more and fly away when it was ready.
Las summer I raised 6 partridges and 2 pheasants from when they had just hatched - my dad got me some from a friend. Quite often when they are born in mass production, like where they are bred for hunters, so many die because they won't eat or just can't get to the food because it's too crowded. I fed them from syringes with a formula and then onto a feed they eat when they get old enough. I had them in a box while they were small, and then into a big cage so they could walk around, and I kept them warm with a lamp. I ended up with them in the garden and they were so friendly, they let us pick them up, and when I called them they called me back.

Here was one of the baby pheasants, they liked to sit on me when I was con the computer, watching TV or sat out in the garden. Once of the the little partridges got out and I didn't no where it went, a girl came and knocked on my door and said you've got a pond, do you have a baby duck that's got out? I knew it wasn't a baby duck it was my Titch! I went over and it flew right over to me but it hadn't let anyone else near it. And once Titch was on my roof, and I was tweeting/calling to it and it'd call back to me. Anyway, a woman shouted over from her garden, 'Samantha is that you?' I just shouted 'no it's not' in a silly accent. and she shouted back 'leave that baby woodpecker alone!' What the hell?! so I shouted back 'It's mine, and it's a baby partridge not a pheasant' she clearly felt stupid and went back in her house... A woodpecker? Really? Me and my dad had got the big dog cage and covered it in a waterproof sheet and leaves and put in on the ground under the trees, there were also bird boxes around, and I stopped putting their food in a feeder and started hiding it around the garden to teach them to hide and to hunt for their food, they won't just be given it anymore. At night time when it started to get dark I would go out and call them and they'd go into the cage outside and I'd shut them in overnight to keep them safe and warm.
When they was big enough they left and I was a little sad, but I was fine with that because they all left together so I felt better knowing they would be together. And I never had them to keep them captive, they was free in the garden, and was always able to fly away if they ever wanted to.
Now the only pets we have are 3 rabbits, 1 dog and 2 lovebirds.

Anyway, I know this post was completely irrelevant but it was just something I thought I'd share with you all. Do you like animals? What pet do you have?

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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