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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

NailTopia instant nail art stickers review

As I'm sure you all know I do love to do nail art, and I love learning new techniques and different things I can do with my nails. It really annoys me when I don't get it quite right and I can sit there and do my own nails over and over until I get them to look how I want, sometimes for hours trying different styles, colours and basically the time just flies by!

I was sent a little parcel from NailTopia who sell a huge range of nail art products, from nail varnishes, rhinestones, glitters, dangels to stickers and loads more. I have looked through their website and a there's so many nice things on there, it's worth a look! 

Anyway, I opened up the parcel envelope to find this
A pink paper gift bag and I opened it up...

There were four packs of instant nail art stickers/transfers.

This pack has small black and white flowers, that if you look super close it almost looks like a black lace on the flowers for extra detail. I think these would look brill on a simple manicure, but as I do I can't make it simple and have to add extra dashes of colour to make it different :)

This nail art pack has lots of tiny teddy themed stickers, I think I'm going to do some sort of Japanese kind of nail art with these.

I think I qill use some of these to add to the marble effect nails, if you don't no what the marble effect is or how to do it, I will be putting up a tutorial for you all :)

These are teeny weeny butterflies, flowers and a tiny gem. I'm not to sure what nail design I am going to do with these yet, but I will show you the results.

Here is what's on the back of the packets, they are simple to use, you just peel them off the backing sheet and apply to the nail. Press lightly and add a layer of top coat to seal it.

Here is what the sheet looks like out of the packet. These stickers are good because they are so thin, meaning they are more flexible on the nails, I've had thicker ones that have cracked or been caught and ripped off. So these seem much better.

I usually paint everything on my nails, If I can draw something on my nails then I will. but there's no way I can draw these, I mean they are so detailed! I will use all of these stickers, and I will be making nail tutorials which I will post on here so you can 'get the look', easy to follow, as I know what it's like trying to copy of expert nail art tutorials. I was like what the hell does that mean? How do I do that?! So don't worry you will be able to follow them :)

NailTopia sell a huge range of nail art equipment, tools and pieces and paints. They are good prices, and there are some things I would deffo love, please checkout their website here

Which nail art stickers are your favorite? what designs would you do with them? What pieces do you like from their website? leave a comment below, share this blog and please join it! You can join under the followers tab on the right hand-side of the blog :)

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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