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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A day at Ingoldmells

 So on Saturday we decided to go to Ingoldmells because it looked like it would be a nice day. We set off about 8:30am in the morning to beat the traffic.
I watched Princess Diaries 1 and 2 on the way there and back. That film never gets old!

You always know you're nearly there when you see the roller coasters towering above the buildings!

The amount of arcades and chip shops there is unbelievable! But this casino/arcade was pink!... I like pink! Whenever we go in these, we go in thinking 'I'll only spend this much' but then we end up spending much more because you think if you put more in then you get your money back. And then when you go to the machine to get more change, you get the staff going up to the machine you was using and pushing everything back!! What the hell?! HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?!

I saw some wicked belt buckles, I picked up that golden gun one, if I had of put that on my trousers, it was so heavy it definitely wouldn't hold your trousers up, It'd pull them down! 

There were some flat peak hats that were extremely heavily embellished! they had all different styles, and they look similar to the ones that did. I think they were pretty cool but they're not really the sort of thing you'd actually wear like on a normal day? I have saw celebrities wear ones like these, but they wear anything and it looks normal.

I got these neon coral skinny jeans the other week which I paired with my zebra/leopard/yellow custom converse I designed myself, yes I wanted some that no one else had so they look a bit bonkers :p ohh well :D

I got this One Direction wrist band that say's 'Thats what makes you beautiful'. They had so many different designs, like ones with ones of the boys names on like 'I love Harry' I wanted that one, but my little brothers called harry and he was like 'why are you getting one with my name on? so I stuck with this one, and it was only a pound! Bargain :)

I also got this extra large bun ring, which is literally mahoosive! It's quite good for my hair too as I've got long hair and I hate tiny buns that dont show your hair is long, I'd rather put it up in a huge bun so people can see you've got long hair. It was £4 so that's pretty good :)

TThey did have these buns in a range of different colours, but none of them matched my hair colour. These were £12, so it's more expensive, but you simply put your hair in a high pony, tie it up. You just clip this one over the top and you've got a perfect bun that quickly with no messing about. You can get both of these bun accessories, you go into the market and when you see the indoor market, go in there. Its the first bit you see as you walk in, they have loads of different hair accessories and clip on pieces etc.

I've got to go now and do some more of my coursework. Please share this blog :)
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Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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