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Thursday, 16 May 2013

One directions 1st big announcement!!

capital arena

So we've been seeing a lot of #1Dbigannouncement and #onebigannouncement all over twitter for a while now. And today the first announcement was released. Its the big stadium Tour 'on sale' dates! Including Latin America, Ireland, and United Kingdom.

to be honest.. I'm a little disappointed. I wanted to go see One Direction in Nottingham. I don't no if they will be releasing dates for other places? I'm sure there's lot's of directioners and fans that will be too. I mean I live well far away from all of these and I bet the tickets will be even harder to get our hands on this time (last time was hard enough!!) but I'm going to try and get down to London if  I can get tickets. Although I might get stuck in London, as I'll most probably wait outside the arena afterwards for them to come out and end up missing my train..

Oh my goshhhh! when I went to see them in Nottingham, I waited outside for them to come out, and I saw Harry coming out and going into the van, he smiled at me! :D but they couldn't come out so I gave the beardy guy a bracelet to give to Harry, the beardy guys nice, but looks a little scary.. And I have no idea what his name is? 0.o And when the security told us to get back, we didnt and we nearly got hit by 5 Seconds Of Summer's tour bus! :0 There were only about 10 girls out there. And btw the guy who works for Capital Arena, your a very grumpy guy, and next time you tell us we may as well camp outside cos were not going to see them, we just might :p aha

It was the first concert I had ever been to, and it was amazing. Apart from having a girl next to me wearing a niall mask and all she did was jump up and down and scream the place down.. nice. Them mask things were proper funny though, because when we was walking to the arena (after we got lost in Nottingham) you should have saw some of the girls! There were a group of about 9 girls, they saw 'Harry' and started screaming their heads off and going crazy, 'Harry' turned around, and they was like 'omg thats not harry! its a girl with a mask' lol :) and the amount of people who did that was so funny, I gotta admit I thought I saw Harry at one point and I told me mum hes over there by that car, and it was just another girl, so my mum laughed at me :p

 Anyway, good luck to everybody wanting tickets! :)
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Samantha :D

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