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Sunday, 26 May 2013

LyliaRose necklace

So Yesterday I got home to find a little parcel envelope at he door. I saved it for now to open it up to find a gift from LyliaRose - a new collaboration :) here's their website
They sell loads of cute,quirky, fashion jewellery, handbags and accessories.You can see their widget on the ffh homepage :) I

 I opened up the parcel envelope and this gift wrapped gift was inside. I have no idea what is inside!

There was a little gift bag inside, it looks perfect for a present for some one.

 Here is a beautiful butterfly necklace LyliaRose sent me. I was struggling to get a clear photo of it, my camera isn't too good now and I need to get a new one. The necklace has a range of blue tones, and sparkly rhinestones that catch the light really nice. It has a chain that is a deep bronze tone which gives it a bit of a vintage look.

Here is me in the necklace from LyliaRose, if you like it you can get it here -
it's only £6, check it out! :) Do you like this necklace? :)

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Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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