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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Last minute funeral outfit

So funerals obviously aren't a nice thing, but when it come to what to wear I get a little stuck. The funeral is tomorrow, and we only had time to stop off at a few places. Tesco Asda were the only ones we were near while we were out, and they both had so many so many different pairs of black trousers but literally, they had no shape. My mum told me off saying a funeral isn't another one of my catwalks! but this is what it was like
They were proper baggy, the only thing they fitted was my backside, I don't even no how to explain it! And they were too short, not going out in ankle swingers, I don't care if it's a funeral or not. My mum said if I don't find a pair of black trousers then I can't go.

I ended up not getting a pair any. So I've just come home and raided my wardrobe for an outfit I can put together. But the thing is I don't even wear black often.

I ended up finding these:

This top is really old, I think I got it when I was 11? anyway its from Asda's g:21 range and I like this because it's plain but has nice detail at the same time. It has layers of flower patterned lace material and a flower on one of the shoulders.

Then I have found out two black skirts - I think I have never even worn them.. I don't even remember getting them because I rarely wear skirts. It was probably my sister that snook them in my wardrobe without me knowing because I always hated her hand me downs. We dress completely different, I didn't really like her clothes and I liked having my own things. Any way, the skirt I chose has a label 'Tomorrows Nation' I have no idea where that's from, I've looked on Google and still don't no.

I had no idea if it was going to fit since its only 11-12, again, I should really sort through my stuff. I swear I have but I keep finding clothes with little ages on? It's just like a pencil skirt, so you can get these from almost clothing stores.

It's missing something that fastens the belt thing together, i'm thinking it may be black ribbon or something, I'll have to sort something out for tomorrow.

I'll finish off the outfit with a diamond cross necklace and black tights
you can get a necklace similar to this one from bhs and its reduced to £2!  These black tights are from newlook but they're in most fashion stores.

So here's the outfit all together. Basically a bunch of stuff from years ago that still fits. I still am puzzled as to why the trousers in stores were like long skirted ankle swingers 0.o But hey at least I can go now.

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