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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

yesterday was May day..

So yesterday was May day, and so we went to the maypole celebration and the crowning of the may queen.
I think it's really nice that lots of people can come together for an event like this, I mean it's not for everyone. Weve brought some of our friends from a town here, and they didn't like it. They're use to the fast pace, modern sort of atmosphere. This, well it's a load of country people having fun, doing not much :p

There was an bird display, with birds such as kestrels, European eagle owls, buzzards, snowy owls - which are absolutely beautiful. I got to hold the european eagle owl, the photo is below :)
He weighed about 6 pounds, that's 6 bags of sugar! and it stepped off the bird handling glove onto my arm! ... It has big sharp claws :o I really really want one! :D

I am probably completely missing the point here, but every year we go to the May day celebration; there are lots of people wearing trousers, blouses, waist coats and ribbon tied to them with paint all over their face. They jump around jingling bells in your face and swinging their arms above their heads looking a bit crazy, but heyy if their having fun, them them carry on! I should research into why they are doing this and wearing that, but to be honest I find it more amusing just watching them jump around like fools, it's more funny because you have no idea what they're doing ahaa 

I saw so many dogs there, there were big dogs with owners who weren't even strong enough to control them, little dogs that keep getting stood on and all that.. :S But a this staffy has only three legs! It made me think, some people have their dog put down if it needs a leg off. Not always because of the cost, but sometimes because they think it's cruel or they just don't want a dog with 3 legs. Well I'm telling you now, I didn't even notice this dog had only 3 legs, it was happy and just like any other dog. You don't put a person down with a disability so why a dog? Everyone has the same rights, and they can be just as happy. I like animals and dogs though, so someone who doesn't like them would probably have a different view..

This was the queue to the ice cream van, what theee..?! So we decided not to have an ice cream after all. And the other ice cream van had a queue twice as long!

There was some music being played, and one of the guy's (wearing red) instrument was a sweeping brush.. yes you read that right 0.o It had some sort of elastic band wrapped around it and there he is just strumming his sweeping brush. I got to admit, he was strumming quite a tune too! I heard people who were watching who said they're going to make their own, and I had never saw anything like it :S

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