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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Top picks from 'Jadore vintage'

Jadore Vintage has loads of vintage clothes and a boutique range too. I have walked in some catwalks for vintage boutiques and it's easy to fall in love with a piece of the clothing. And that's obviously the same for many people as vintage clothing keeps on coming back into fashion. I mean I can go buy some striped skinny jeans, and my mum would say she had them when she was younger. Or in the winter when it's all snowy and I go quading, I like to wear odd neon legwarmers, no idea why I do that but it keeps me warm.  My mum would say she use to do that when she was my age. You can see celebrities wearing vintage clothes too, so I saw Jadore Vintage and thought I'd pick out some of my favourites :)

This is the vintage pastel colour floral skirt. Floral clothing is in fashion at the moment, so many shops have floral ranges and they are perfect for the spring/summer.

This is the bleached denim shirt with Aztec shoulder details, I love this shirt, it would look good with skinny jeans, a skater skirt or some shorts.

This is the black PU skater skirt in a flared style. Lots of people at my college are wearing skirts like these with all dirrents tops and jumpers. To be honest I'm not really one to wear skirts, I feel like a bit of a turd, but I actually do like this style that everyone is wearing at the moment. :)

This is the studded skull top, This top is definitely in fashion at the moment. Studs, diamante's, spikes and all that aren't  even really considered as Gothic anymore, so many people are wearing these styles and they can now be worn casually. I have lots of studded clothes, or I can buy shirts and stud them myself. It can be a good way of taking something old, that you may of been going to throw away and making it new and in with the current style.

I love camouflage jacket's although I haven't actually got one yet 'arhh' :(  The camo jacket is definitely in style at the moment and loads of celebs are wearing them at the moment. When I did the catwalk in the London 02, some of the other models had them, and lots of the people shopping had them too; I mean check out these below 

I've been looking for a hair band with small flowers on for a while now but I keep coming across whopping big flowers that are way to big just to wear casually. These little flowers are just the right size, I wanted one of these to wear with a huge bun.

If you like any of these items or like the style check out Jadore Vintage Clothing
They have some lovely items :)
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