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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Shugakane fashion show I was in at the London 02

So I was in a fashion show at the London 02 for shugakane - - a couple of months ago. I still havn't recieved the photos of us actually walking. And my idea was to post the photos of us walking in the show. I have waited quite a while and not got them... sooo.. I'm just going to show you some quick backstage photos now, and I'll show you the ones of us walking when I get them :)

Here is the 02, and I got lost just in the carpark! :p

Me and one of the other models, and my hair looks pretty dark on here 0.o

Me and another model

The hair and makeup I had done for the show :) I like this look.. its different :D

shows red carpet. ahaa look funny! :PP

ShugaKane's designs are inspired by ethnic trends, which is also known as ethnouveau. The designs are bursting with colour, and they kind of tell their own story. I love travelling the world, and these designs have literary come from countries, their culture and their people. 
Please checkout their website, and have a look around :)

I will post the photos of us walking when I get them:)
Samantha @sammigirl1994

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