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Monday, 20 May 2013

billboard music awards 2013, favourite & least favourite dresses on the blue carpet

So yesterday was the billboard music awards, and all the celebs were rolling up on the red blue carpet. I was looking at their outfits thinking they're some pretty nice ones but then I noticed there were some... not so nice ones. I'm not usually one to comment on what I don't like about peoples clothes, but loads of fashion blogs are judging them, so heyy, I'll join in ;)

My favorites

Ariana's wore a little black dress, it's got a strapless fitted bodice and a loose skater skirt. The dress is beautiful with a flowery lace detail, and I thinks it's definitely at the top of my favourites list!

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez is wearing a super sparkly, curve-hugging, body-baring dress - sparkled in a Zuhair Murad glittering gold gown completed with a plunging neckline and sheer bottom. Jennifer looks fab, so she's showing some skin but she still manages to make it look elegant and all that. I love he effect of the sheer bottom material with the gold sparkles almost falling.


Shania brought a modern elegance to the carpet in a silver floor length dress, it's so simple yet yells 'look at me!'

nicki minaj 
So Nicki's get her boobs in your face,  but it's actually pretyy her usual fashion choices. She Opts for a sweeping red dress, there's absolutely no way you could miss her in the crowd. It looks really nice with her more natural hair style. Love Nicki Minaj's music and I always thinks she dresses a little crazy but so what?! This just prooves she can wear something a little more simple and still look fab.

Least favourites

So this is the bit I don't really like doing, but me and my friend was looking through some of the blue carpet photo's we starting being very picky, and the things we we judging were, well... stupid

LaLa was wearing some crazy, I don't even know what to call it. The outfit/dress/thing is strange but the thing we thought was really weird was whatever shes got on her feet, you know at parties when you put cheese and pinaple on a stick and stick them in a foil covered potato?  Yeah well that's all we could think of when we saw her 'shoes'. 0.o

Alyssa Milano 

I saw this white embroidered one-shoulder tunic in the EMILIO PUCCI SPRING 2013. The tunic looks nice, but with the semi-sheer wide leg pants, were not to sure about that..

Taylor swifts feet

Now this is something stupid again haha.. I like some of Taylor's music, I do try not to but I find myself singing along. Anyway she wore a blue sparkly body con style dress with these shoes, we like your dress taylor but not the shoes. And they look like they're too big? hmm

justin biebers milestone award

Just thought I'de post this at the end because, well I did ha :P Justin was awarded with 'Top Male Artist' trophy, and he thanked his family and "Belieber fan group."
He also commented about those who don't view him as a true artist: "I should be taken seriously. This other bull should not be spoken of." And I agree, however dogs are gonna bark, haters gonna hate as the Janoskians know. Everyone has haters, but I don't see how people can actually say Bieber isn't a proper artist, and I'm not saying everybody likes him. I know they don't, everyone has their own taste in music, but hes a good singer, Id like to see them try and sing better. I just don;t see the need to hate.

And in between the two award victories, Bieber treated the audience to another performance, this time as a sidekick to Black Eyed Peas frontman The pop pair played their recent collaboration "#thatPOWER
heres Bieber's performance:

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whats was your favourite dress on the blue carpet?
Got to go now, got college tommorrow :(
Samantha - @sammigirl194

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