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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Aqua Colour Phase

Usually I like to wear pink, but for some reason this summer I'm getting into the Aqua colour. I saw this moodboard and I thought how nice the colours are and then I thought I should do a post about it!

Aqua clothes looks sooo nice on tanned skin! It goes well on others but I find that at the moment while I look like the milky bar kid, it doesn't look as good on tanned or even dark skin. It stands out more the darker the skin is, it's definitely a summer colour. So while us pale girls are trying to tan up so we can pull this colour off properly, if your already tanned get this colour on you will look fab and summer ready!

I'm going to share with you some pieces I have found in Aqua that I like :)

'Amelia Floral Denim halterneck crop top'
Price: £15.00
From: Boohoo
You can get it here

'IDA NY Print Vest Top'
Price: £3.99
From: Prodigy Red
You can get this here

'Coloured Skinny Jeans'
Price: £16.99 now £11.99
From: Forever 21
You can get this here

'Frayed shorts'
Price: £19.00 now £9.50
From: ProMod
You can get these here

'Elizabeth Lace Prom Dress with Pleated Skirt In Aqua'
Price: £32
From: Pop Couture
You can get it here

'Barracuda Aqua Tassel Bandeau Bikini'
Price: £24.99
From: Pink Boutique
You can get this here

'Teagan Woven Zip purse in aqua'
Price: £8.99
From: Missguided
You can get it here

'Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops Double Tongue'
Price: £45.00
From: Very
You can get these here

'Aqua blue hair bow'
Price: £2.38
From: Etsy
You can get this here

'3D Ice Lolly Hard Case for Iphone'
Price: $7.99
From: Smart Area & Co
You can get this here

So that's some aqua coloured things I thought you might like. What is your favorite piece? Do you own any aqua coloured clothes, shoes or accessories?

I am going to get going now, it's tea time and we are going to have a BBQ, getting bored of them already. The suns been out so its BBQ's every day! At our house, inviting people round, being invited to other peoples BBQ's... I mean I can't be the only one that gets bored of them? It's like meat every day and I'm not even a huge fan of meat :s

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Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. Hey!
    Really pretty colour! Great blog :)


    1. Hii :)
      It is perfect for summer!
      thanks for joining my blog, I will go join yours :)


  2. I really love these colors and would definitely like to wear them more often especially in a cute top or blazer.


    1. I actually didnt think of it in blazer, that would be nice!
      thanks for joining my blog, I'll go join yours :)


  3. Aqua's definitely one of my fave colors for the summer. I've had my nails painted aqua for a while now :)

  4. Love aqua blue on dark skin.. Perfect for summer! ;)

  5. Hey I really love the finge bikini and your blog is very colorful I really like it I've also followed you, keep up the good work Hun :)

    1. Fring bikini's are fab! and thankyouu!
      I'll go follow yours back now :)

  6. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Awards!

    1. awh thankyou! do they have a website I can checkout? :)
      thanks!! :)

    2. Welcome! &I have no idea if they do- but if you google you might be able to find something ;)

  7. Aqua has grown on my a lot this summer also. I liked your blog post


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