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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lylia Rose Owl Necklace

This month I picked an owl necklace from Lylia Rose.
I have seen this style of jewellery before on many celebrities and I also me and my dad really want an owl! Last Christmas my dad decided to buy my mum presents with owls on them; owl jewellery, owl jumpers, owl t-shirts etc just to make the point he really wanted an owl.
I know your thinking, that's crazy! ahaa! it's actually the way we got my dog too. My dad didn't want a dog and my mum, sister, brother and me stuck dog pictures all over the house until he gave in :P

Abby Sciuto from ncis

Alexa Chung wearing a small owl necklace

Demi Lovato wearing a big owl necklace

Owls are definitely in fashion! they can be cute, edgy or just to add a bit of detail to a look.
Layla Rose have a range of owl jewellery you can get in rings and necklaces, coloured, vintage, big, small. To be honest I couldn't choose on my own I asked my dad which one he liked best from my favorite ones!

The Lylia Rose necklace came in a little organza gift bag and wrapped up in a pink and white striped paper bag. Love these little fancy gift bags >.<

Here is me and my big owl necklace! I t had a rather long chain and I was struggling to get it on the photo with me when the camera is zoomed in so I'm wearing and lifting it up :) I have a new camera now that takes better pictures too, just need to get a tripod so I can position it :)

Here is a close up of the necklace on my arm. The owl has separate pieces attached on rings so that it can move around. The necklace has a cute vintage look to it and a long chain. How cute are those eyes?! 

You can get this necklace for only £5.00! from Lylia Rose here
Here is their Twitter

Do you have any owl jewellery? What your your favorite owl jewellery piece from Lylia Rose's website? Do you have any owl themed clothing? If you get any owl jewellery from Lylia Rose and you would like to tweet me a picture to my twitter here. I may post it on here with a link back to your twitter! :)

Samantha - @sammigirl1994


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