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Monday, 1 July 2013

Festival essentials

Everyone is talking about festivals right now... Apart from I couldn't for the last few days because I got banned from the computer for being cheeky. But anywhooo...

Flowers! Need I say more? These are definitely a must for festival goers. You can get these multi coloured flower hair bands from Claire's for only £2.50!

So if it's a little dark, bang out your glow sticks! You can get these from loads of shops and loads of different designs. Like my little brothers gt a glow stick pack that has these clippy things to join them together and make them into a flat peak hat - swaggy ;)
You can get these ones from NewLook for £2.99

So many people draw on their faces, arms, legs, belly etc at festivals, it's not just for kids! You can get both of these paint sets from New look. The face you can get the body and face paint sticks here for £4.99. Or you could get the paint pastel palette here for £2.99.

Here are some inspirations of festival face paints that you could do. Most are very simple, or you could get somebody to paint it on for you. Paints are very popular at festivals and you can do so many different designs.

Or if you feel like having some weird paints... Try one of these! ;P Although I'd say don't paint your face green with the fish, that ruins it. The man with the frog on his face looks weird but oh well....

Popbands are a must have, it's known that festivals aren't really very good for hygiene. You can get dry shampoo's and hair mists to refresh your hair. The weather isn't good for your hair and skin, so tying your hair back with ordinary bobbles/hair bands isn't good for your hair either. They can snag, tangle and damage your hair. The solution? Popbands! you can get them here. They don't snag, damage your hair and they don't even leave those nasty kinks in your hair when you take them out! Winn! They come in all different colours and styles perfect for the festival season.

If you do need to foundation, you should wear something light that won't clog your pores. This foundation from ibeautyfix has spf15 to protect your skin from the sun, it has anti-wrinkle and also controls oil and shine. This is sold in a range of shades, perfect for keeping your skin safe and youthful.

I have received loads of products over the last week or so that I will be testing and blogging about so keep an eye out!
What is your festival fashion/beauty must have? Have you tried painting festval paints? 
I am going to get going now, I've been pretty busy but its my summer holiday now until September! Yahooooo! :D

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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