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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Would you wear this?

I love this outfit! The mix of pastel pink and yellow is perfect for the summer. 
I think this is a pastel pink bustier crop top and a pleated skater skirt rather than a dress. I will be trying to track down a similar outfit

you can get the pink vans here for £47
If you want a cheaper option, you can get some look alike vans - they are not vans. You can get them from Primark in a lovely pinky shade! 

This is the 'Naddie Daisy detail bralet in peach' which you can get here
It is a little different to the one in the picture, but I think its much nicer and is a nice twist to put on the outfit, it has daisy's along the top which really puts the summer into the look and a little bit more of a girly detail.
Price: £19.99
From: Missguided

This is the 'Shelli Jersey Bralet' which you can get here
The picture doesn't do the bralet justice really, but it's actually really nice. You could go for this bralet if you want something more plain.
Price: £6
From: BooHoo

You can get a similar skirt here 'Leanne Box Pleat Scuba Skater Skirt'
This skirt is designed to be worn high, overlap the bralet with it.
Price: £10
From: BooHoo

I think I will do a nail tutorial for the nail art on the photo for you all.
Who likes this look? Which Bralet do you prefer? What's your fave piece? Would you wear this outfit? Do you like the colours?

I would just like to say... It's finally sunny here in the UK! wooooooooooo! :D
Remember to wear sun-cream... I didn't on Sunday and I really wish I did! :(
You should always wear sun-cream in the sun and I usually always do but I forgot! I will be reviewing some skin products for this summer too. If any businesses have any sun cream, protecting spray oils, face suncream products etc please do get in touch! 

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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