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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Kissable by Katie Price

Katie Price will be launching her new perfume 'Kissable' on the 6th of July. That's right, National Kissing Day! 

The fragrance bursts with fruity red grape, orange blossom, sparkling mandarin and juicy plum, settling to reveal s beautiful heart of honeysuckle, jasmine and stargazer lily. It rests on a feminine base of vanilla, warm golden amber, sensual musk's and sand wood. There sure is a lot of scents in that bottle! I love sweet, fruity perfume's rather than the musky ones, so this sounds really good. I will have to wait to actually test it though! 

The bottle for 'Kissable' was designed by Katie Price who insisted on creating something playful that represented her flirty yet 'innocent' side. Personally, I like the design. However, it is completely different to her previous perfume bottles. Such as 'Stunning', 'Besotted' and 'Precious Love'
All f these previous perfumes have had a similar design, they are all made to look almost like a big diamond. Where as the 'Kissable' perfume is in a plainer design but much brighter with pouty lips on the lid. I like the design and I think its nice she's trying something new. The style is reminiscent of the flirty 50's - filled with glamour and retro kitsch.

The perfume will be available is all good fragrance reteilers from July 6th, it comes as a 50ml with a lip gloss charm (RRP £15.99), a 100ml EDP with a lip gloss charm (RRP £19.99) and as a stunning gift set with a 100ml fragrance, a luxurious 100ml body lotion, a 100ml body wash and a lip gloss charm (RRP £21.99)
You can pre-order yours here if you want to :)

So what do you think of Katie Price's new perfume? Do you like the bottle? What is your favorite out the previous 3 Katie Price perfumes so far?

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