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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

IBeautyFix AM Morning Cream

Hii! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays! It's been pretty nice weather here apart from the odd thunderstorm and random raining but besides that, its all good!

I am going to introduce you to another product from IBeautyFix which is the AM Morning Cream.

The cream came in a peachy pink box and looks cute and convenient. No unnecessary excess packaging, just the box and the cream.

The cream tub is simple, it looks almost as if the tub is water - as it is aqua cream it's very relevant.

The cream is thin and easy to use. It contains 23 natural extracts to form a hydro barrier to maintain the skins natural moisture.
I have sensitive skin and I find this morning cream to be very gentle and makes my skin feel much more awake in the mornings, I have had no reactions or anything so it is very gentle. Generally it has made my skin softer, without leaving it shiny or greasy. You can also get the PM night cream from IBeautyFix, which I haven't tried but if it is like the AM cream then I highly recommend it.
This cream costs £7.00 and you can get it here

If you haven't already, please join this blog under the followers tab on the right hand side near the top of this blog. I have just answers the door and have received another product from another business, here is a hint - it's fitness related! The parcel guy knows my name now because he delivers my parcels so much aha!

What do you think? Have you tried this cream? Do you use morning creams?

IBeautyFix's twitter is here

Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. Hey, nice blog! :) following :)

  2. Would love to use morning creams too but my face is so sensitive. :( Nice blog, btw! Followed u already! :)


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