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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hair Bow tutorial

The hair bow is popular with the celebs, it's something we look at and thing it's been clipped on because you just can't do that with your hair. Well. You can!

There are many different styles you can try, half up half down, all up, top of the head, back of the head etc. Check out below to see a quick simple tutorial of the all up to of the head bow.

*it may help to add some hair spray to your hair before to give it a more grip and a more manageable texture that won't slip out as you are making your bow.
1. brush all your hair up a high little more forward than a ponytail, so it's more on top of your head. On the last tie of the band from the back, only half pull through your hair so the rest is at the front of your head.

2. Separate the  'slinky' on your head into two equal parts. Pull them a little from the top to make sure they're even. Spray some hairspray onto both parts and pin the bottom of each down with bobby pins.

3. The excess piece of hair at the front is used to finish the bow. gather it together and pull it over the bow to the back.

4. Use a bobby pin to tuck the hair under at the back.

* If you want to add a shine to your hair and have blonde hair you can use the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Gleam Crem which is designed for blonde hair so it won't dull or darken your hair.

Shops are selling clip on bows and they can be expensive, it can be hard to get your colour match. But saying that, you can get some amazing ones that really are 'da bomb' but I guess you get what you pay for. It's worth paying a little more if it looks natural and is going to last longer. I will be reviewing clip on pieces on here soon so keep an eye out! Or you could join the blog to be notified when the post is launched! :)

I did find it tricky to do the hair bow myself the first time, but actually it's pretty easy!
Are you going to have a go? If you do you can tweet me your pictures of your bow to my twitter @sammigirl1994 and I may put them on here with a link back to your twitter! (must be following me on twitter and have joined this blog) :)

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