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Saturday, 13 July 2013

IBeautyFix Ill get lip, you stain - review

I am just doing a quick blog before I go out with my friends, my gawd its hot in England now! :o
Anyway I have the Lip Stain from IBeautyFix here that I am going to review.
The lip stain comes in a little transparent box in a circle tub along with a lip brush. 

Here is the lip stain tub and the brush. The tub is nice and small is something you can fit into your handbag with your beauty essentials. The brush is really nice, the bristles aren't too hard like some I have had, they're flexible and soft.

I have swatched the lip stains here. This tub is in the 'Cream Orange' shade.
The lighter shade is more natural and the darker shade is tinted with orange which still looks natural. You can mix the two shades in different amounts to create lots of different shades of your own. Or you could re-apply to get the colour a lot brighter and bolder. The tint is long lasting which I like about these so you don't have to worry about them fading.
There are five different tubs of these lip stains that you can get so keep an eye out for the other shades I will review for you.

You can get this lip stain here for !3 reduced from £15
I have been out with my friends in between writing this review. Ohh my! It started raining and when I say raining I mean full on chucking it down! we ran to the other side of the village to their garden and sat on the swing bench. Turned out the roof wasn't waterproof and then it started thundering D: My friend said 'I have swimming pools in my shoes'. I just thought she was saying her shoes were wet, but no. She tipped them and all the water poured out ahaaa! So I ran all the way home in the rain jumping every time the thunder went! I must have looked like a right gorm if anyone saw me :s We had people coming round too so I had to quickly get ready as I looked like a drowned cat or something -.-

Anyway, it's 11pm and I am soo tired! Im going to go get some sleep now. Have you ever tried this lip stain? Do you own any other lip stains? Do you have any products from IBeautyFix?

Here is IBeautyFix's website

Here is IBeautyFix's Twitter

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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