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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Snuggaroo Delivery!

I was so excited when I got this parcel today that I literally couldn't wait to open it up! Basically I'm writing this today (Tuesday) and I'm going to upload it tomorrow. So your reading it today but I written it yesterday. You got that? Ahaaa!
I usually upload posts as soon as I write them but I wanted to save this one so I could upload it in the morning instead of afternoon so you would all see it - the postman came in the afternoon.


Can you guess what it is?

What about now?! :D

So it is a jumpsuit from Snuggaroo! And it's pink!
I quickly climbed into it and the first thing I noticed was how soft the inside was! It's like a baby lambs bum!.. I'm guessing that's be soft and fluffy? Well anyway its sooo soft!

Here is their logo on the onsesie jumpsuit, you can literally see the bouncy, soft material here.

Leigh-Anne From Little Mix wears a pink cute pink onesie jumpsuit and puts an edgy swing on it but wearing some tan boots, a denim jacket and some sun glasses. Jumpsuits can be accessorized in so many different ways, and worn for many places. I have saw people wearing these to the shops, out in the snow, to college, on planes and ferries etc. 

This is the back of the jumpsuit has a low butt area, which I really like. My legs are very long and my butt still sits above so that's good :) I have bought onesies and jumpsuits before where the legs are too short for me meaning my butt isn't in the right place but this ones brill :P
It has two pockets on the tummy and two low pockets on the legs so you can tuck your hands in and keep them warm :) 

The front of the jumpsuit.
You can get this onesie here
It was £129.99 but now costs £79.99!! 
There are other onsesie brands that have prices around £170 so this is a great price; and honestly the quality of it is amazing!

Snuggaroo is a business selling mainly onesies. Snuggaroo is here because they themselves were previous students. As you may know it can be hard to earn money and study at university at the same time. They spent eight years living in freezing cold student houses with rattling windows and zero insulation, as a result they wanted to find a way to stay warm and comfy. They designed a range of adult footed pyjamas and hooded onesies in lots of fun patterns and colours. The main aim of the onesies was warmth, comfort and style so Snuggaroo is bound to have something for you. to keep you warm day and night.

The main priority of Snuggaroo is that they provide a first rate hassle free service and to provide quick delivery worldwide. I got my onesie the next day! :)
They welcome feedback from you so they can work to produce and deliver the products that you want.

Do you have a onesie? What do you think of onesies? Do you like this Snuggaroo onesie jumpsuit? What is your favorite piece from their website?

Here is Snuggaroo's Twitter account
Here is Snuggaroo's Website

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  1. The jumpsuit is so cool!


  2. Nice blog! I nominated you for the Liebster award! :) check it out on my blog!


    1. Hii! thankyou :)
      ...what is the liebster award?

  3. looks so cozy, love the color! thanks for sharing, lovely blog as well, perhaps we could follow each other on GFC? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


    1. It really is so comfy! :)
      your welcome, and of course we can follow each other on gfc :)

  4. looks so comfy!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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  5. Such a pretty jumpsuit! I love the color and it looks really comfy. :)
    Following you now on GFC and Twitter dear. Now it's your turn?thanks in advance!

    xx, Mela


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