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Monday, 8 July 2013

Who wore it best? Mollie King or Caroline Flack?

It's normal that celebs can be seen in the same clothes as each other, they're only human. This definitely means one thing though!... We get to compare them and see who wore it best! :)

It seems that Caroline Flack and Mollie King have both wore the exact same printed coat from Jaeger which costs around £200! *wowee*

Both of them styled the jacket completely different...

Flacky wore the coat to the Glastonbury Festival. The first thing I notice? The zebra in the background, is that real?! I love zebras! :) :P
Back to the point, she wore a pair of black shorts, a button up cut out shirt and a pair of patient back boots. She rolled up the sleeves of the Jaeger jacket to give it a more casual look. She then accessorized the look with a black trilby with a scarf wrapped around it, and some big hexagonal glasses. I like the look, but I don't really think the jacket looks right with it.

Mollie wore her Jaegar jacket more formally, to the Kiss FM Studios. She matched her jacket with accessories in a tan shade and some black Ray Bans. Mollie is one for wearing statement items but making them sophisticated or girly. 

Who do you think wore it best and why? Mollie or Caroline Flack?

Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. I like how Caroline Flack styled it better - I think the look is more fun and creative!

    1. its definitely more creative, the fact she rolled the sleeves up too :)


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