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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Just been to an Ice Cream Parlour!

A bunch of people from my brothers primary school just went to Newfield Ice Cream Parlour, I have never been to one of these before so I didn't no what to expect. I thought maybe it would be an American themed ice cream parlour Cafe? ... Wrong!
It was the cutest little farm cafe parlour! I didn't take many photo's I would have loved to but I felt a bit of a gorm photographing everything :s

We went up and the Parlour was on a dairy farm, and there was a field with lots of cute cows! To be specifical they are the ones that are used to make the ice cream. I love cows, I would love to have a pet cow if I lived on a farm :D

The Ice Cream Parlour overlooks beautiful scenery and these cows :)
That cow at the back, it was near the fence. I sat waiting for them to come near the fence and when one finally came over. I went over to the fence slowly and off it went. Thanks cow! -.-

I didn't take this photo, it's off their website as I did;t want the Parlour to think I was weird ahaa!
I should have asked them if I could take some photos in and around there to get them up on here; Maybe another time haay :)
The Parlour had a lovely country, but modern theme. There were big windows overlooking the fields and the children's park which is perfect for when the sun is out. There were benches outside if you prefer to sit out there, which is where we all sat. Or if it's chilly out, even in the winter if you fancy an ice cream there is a log burner to make you feel warm and cozy.

There was a nice range of ice creams and sorbets you could choose from. Can you spot the special for the new born royal baby boy? I didn't try that one but it sure looked tasty!
I chose the chocolate and the mint choc chip. 

Here is my ice cream, the size is amazing! I mean whenever I have ice cream, I want ice cream. I don't want a little scoop. The prices were a little more than buying normal ice cream. This is handmade on the farm itself. I would like to know more about it and their story, so maybe I will be able to one day.

Anyway, so far I think the best ice cream I have ever had was in Italy. Their ice cream was to die for! We would walk for miles away from where we were on holiday and stop for ice creams at lots of different ice cream stalls. The would have crazy flavours that I didn't actually no because they were in Italian. I have to say, the two flavours I tried are one of best I've tried other than those in Italy. They were so creamy and full of flavour. They did melt super quick, but I'm guessing that is because they are hand made and not processed without all of the rubbish that processed foods can come with. Some of the kids there had is all over the face, which I found quite amusing, they must be enjoying it! :D

I am going to get going now, If I get to go there again I will try to get more photos and info for you :D Please join this blog (under the followers tab)
Do these ice creams look tasty or what?! What is your favorite ice cream?
Here is their website.

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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